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Snazzy Dazzy Crayons 

Fun Party Favors and Crafts

We finally decided to branch off and build our own website. With over 58,000 sales on Etsy and over 9,000 reviews. 

You will find item's here that are not posted on our Etsy store.  

If you are searching for a 1 of a kind party favor Snazzy Dazzy Crayons is here to help. We customize in crayon favors and our latest paint kits! These make a great activity at those parties! 

Snazzy Dazzy has low prices to fit your budget! 

Sale Branding

Crayon Names

From $1.25

We offer personalized Crayon Names 
All our names come in display a in box.


Plaster Paint Kits

From $5.00 and up

Feeling creative? Then our huge selection of plaster paint kits are for you! These make a great activity for the kids at any birthday party!  Party favor as well


All About Snazzy Dazzy Crayons

Our Crafty Journey

Hey Ya'll! Back in 2012 I started a small online business on Facebook with making customized flip flops, hairs bows, headbands and more. We have over 16k Likes on my page and flip flops took off like crazy! Doing everything from direct sales designs to cheer-leading teams. I worked back and forth with the flip flops and hair bows till 2018 when I had this great idea to add more products to my shop.

Christmas I decided to add crayons! My gosh, never did I thought things would turn out they way they did. This sky rocketed!!! Made it through Christmas, and now thought about Valentine's Day and Easter. I slowly stop making hair bows and flip flops because I couldn't keep up with all 3. With the 3 holiday's that year passing I knew this was something. I continued on and thought what the heck, lets add chalk for the Summer. I had something covered for ever point of the year. Since then, I have totally converted over to just crayons and chalk and slowly adding soap to my collection.

I just want to thank everyone who support me with my adventures. I really couldn't have done it with out any of you.

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