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Candy Cane and Gumdrop Crayons Box Set

Candy Cane and Gumdrop Crayons Box Set

SKU: 1455377125
Here you have cute Candy Cane and Gumdrop  themed crayons
*They measure approximately 2 inches
*All crayons are 100% Non Toxic
* You will receive 1 box (8x2x1) set of 5 crayons
( please drop us a message on any custom orders)
*These are perfect for party favors, class favors
* need different colors, please just drop us a message to create your custom order
*Be sure to check out all our Crayon and Paint kits on our shop!
*not intended for young children under 3
*Stay connected with us at
@SnazzyDazzycrayons on Instagram, and Snazzy Dazzy Crayons on Facebook
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