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How Can We Help?



Once the package is picked up, it is completely out of our hands and control.

If your package becomes lost, please contact your local carrier or post office.

All orders are shipped to the address provided at checkout (for buyer/seller protection).

Please check the status of your package using the tracking provided by USPS. I see the same tracking as you do.

We are not responsible for lost packages that show "delivered" to the address provided. Please contract your Postal Service 800 number and file a claim.

Please note, we do not work for USPS so we do not have any special "in's" with them. We get the same info as you do.

Plaster Items Items

Snazzy Crayons is not responsible if orders are delayed if you have a special deadline. We state in each listing the time frame these take to be made and cure before I can even ship. Please be sure to read the listing and timeline before purchase.

Broken in transit, if you need by a certain date please be sure to maybe purchase 1 or 2 more. We don't always have stock on hand and again we would have to make and let cure again before I can get those replacements out.

Broken In Transit

Snazzy Dazzy will send 1 replacement if anything is broken during the shipping period.  

You can send us an email with a photo. 


Located in Surprise, Arizona
All items are produced out of my home

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